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I am into some other professions that I am good at. Aside Web Designing, I am good with the camera too. I am a photographer and I've acctually been doing that for a very long time now with good reviews. Also video and photo editing.

I do alittle content creating also, though i started not too long ago as but a hobby but I can see it turning into something of a brand sooner enough. I have had some experience with agriculture aswell. I am into poultry farming and some other major works.

Currently, I am working towards being one of the best brands in the Web Designing market.

Among all other things I have always been fascinated with the digital world as a whole. Especially the web, it is capable of reaching alot of minds simultaniously with the comfort of your smart device, "The best advertiser" I use to call it.

So with this findings I decided not only to reach out in the aspect of my business but to help those with the vision of helping others too.

Mk Obi


We are a total of nine in my family including my Mom and Dad and with me being the fourth upcoming in the house all the pressure in the world was on my head.

My seniors have all left and gone into some big deals now eveyone wants me to be up and doing, one the main reasons i got into alot of things while growing up. I have such a wonder-filled family though, caring, loving and God fearing.

My Dad Captain Emmanuel Osaji and my Mom Mrs Bridget Osaji has both held down the family for so long, putting my siblings and I through school and making something productive out of our lives.

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